All semi permanent make up treatments are carried out, over two appointments.

A full consultation of your medical history and pigment patch test is carried out prior to the treatment. The aftercare is explained and you will be given an aftercare leaflet and aftercare product(s) where necessary. I will take before and after pictures of your chosen treatment area and apply anaesthetic creams to minimise any discomfort.

I will carefully draw and measure the treatment area so you can see how the semi permanent make up will look. If you are happy, we then proceed to perform the first treatment. The colour will look a few shades darker for around 7 to 14 days whilst the skin is healing. You will lose around 30% -40% of the colour. Healing can take up to 14 days.

You will return for a colour boost after 4-8 weeks after your first treatment.

Another layer of pigment is applied, it is normal for some areas to have a few patches that need more pigment. This is completely normal as different skins types heal differently.

The consultation and both treatments are included in the price.


Treatment Packages

GLAMOROUS EYE LINER PACKAGE: £450 Includes medium thickness top & bottom liner.

BEAUTIFUL EYES PACKAGE: £545 Includes eyebrows and top & bottom eyeliner.

GLAMOROUS EYE AND LIP PACKAGE: £690 Includes eyebrows, lip and blush.

GLAMOROUS DELUXE PACKAGE: £1100 Includes eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, lip and blush.



Gorgeous Eyebrows

Do you have very little or no hairs? Lack definition, uneven brows, over plucked or just fed up with pencilling those brows on each day!

Well I have the perfect solution for you SPMU brows!!!

Eyebrows are the frame of your face giving you definition. They should look natural, even and balanced to suit each individual client. This treatment could make you look and feel years younger. I will customise and blend the pigment colour to guarantee the perfect end result.

Depending on the type of eyebrows chosen I recommend a colour boost treatment after 12-18 months to keep the eyebrows looking fresh.

HAIR STROKE: Using an ultra fine needle and machine I will implant pigment into the skin creating; tiny, fine textured hairs. This creates very natural looking eyebrow: £345

COMBINATION: This is a hair stroke eyebrow with a little shading, giving a slightly more defined look: £345

OMBRE: Softer at the front, gradually more defined towards the middle and tail of the brow suitable for clients who use powder or pencil but want a softer fluffy look: £345

POWDER: A slightly more defined look than all of the above. Suitable for clients, who use powder or pencil. Still very natural but will look even more defined, a very popular choice: £345

MAINTENANCE COLOUR BOOST: £170 (Within 12-18 months)

Still not sure which type of eyebrow to choose? Don’t worry I will discuss your requirements and advise you during the consultation process.

Beautiful Smudge Free Eyeliner

Eyeliner will enhance your natural eye shape and make your eyes look bigger and your lashes look thicker and more vibrant.
You can play sport, swim and be in tears of laughter without having to worry about your eye makeup. Can you imagine waking up every day with perfectly applied eyeliner.

EYELASH ENHANCEMENT: This is very natural and subtle pigment is placed along the lash line to make the lashes look thicker and the eyes more defined: £250

TOP EYELINER: Includes the eyelash enhancement and a medium thickness across the top eyelids: Standard £245 or Thick Eyeliner: £345

BOTTOM EYELINER: This is applied under the bottom lashes and makes the eyes look bigger: £245

MAINTENANCE COLOUR BOOST: This should be carried out within 12 – 18 months of initial procedure. Standard Boost £120 or Thick Liner £170.

Luscious Lips

With permanent make up we can create full and beautiful lips. We can add volume, shape, and correct the symmetry of your natural lips by redefining your lips.

LIPLINER: Makes the outline of the lip more defined and can correct uneven unsymmetrical lips: £245

LIP BLUSH: The lip line is defined and pigment is blushed through the lips to add a beautiful subtle colour: £445

FULL LIP BLUSH: Lip liner and blush, but more pigment is applied to the full lip in layers for a stronger more luscious look: £545